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June 10, 2012


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Curious why you aren't supposed to use public transport? Any idea why?

Loved Claudia's photos of the Tree of Life mosaic. Gorgeous.

And thanks for the detailed explanation of why the parrot was so fascinating. I can imagine!

Thanks for the detailed postings. Enjoyed.


"You can rent a big wooden cross and retrace Christ's journey. There were maybe ten of them, of all different ages, and they were obviously taking turns with the cross, four of them carrying it while the rest marched alongside."

Their piety is to be appreciated, but the idea of taking turns so that carrying the cross doesn't become burdensome sort of defeats the whole purpose of the act.

Miss Footloose | Life in the Expat Lane

So great to read this! Makes me want to go back and live there again for a while, do the things we didn't do.

Loved the parrot story, Kids! We spent 6 weeks cruising South East Asia when our kids were little, on our way back from living in Indonesia. G and I supped royally on all the fabulous food and the only thing the kids wanted was toasted cheese sandwiches! (And what they got was bad white bread and a yellow plastic substance out of a can...) -- W

Nich Hills

Smashing observation, Doug.

Keen to hear of the wailing wall if you get a chance to post.



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