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June 02, 2011


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Minor point: Edwards looked terrible only in retrospect; and Richardson, also not-terrible.--IHH

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Duh, of course it'll be Romney. The only point of interest is who'll be on the ticket with him.

David Tenner

Well, Doug's post was from June, and two months can be a lifetime in politics. So I wonder if he is still so certain that Romney will win the nomination now that Perry seems set to announce...

Doug M.

Yeah, pretty much. Putting aside the whole gay thing, I have trouble seeing how Perry plays outside of Iowa and SC.

Doug M.

David Tenner

I think you are underestimating the conservatism of the GOP primary electorate--a conservatism that is not unique to Iowa and South Carolina. Yes, Romney will do well in the Northeast (especially New England) and in Mormon areas, but that is not where most of the GOP votes will be cast. A Mormon with a background as a moderate is not likely to be the favorite candidate in the South and border states and in much of the rural and small-town Midwest. And unlike, say, Pawlenty, Perry will have no trouble raising money.

As for the gay rumors, I don't think they will get much traction unless there's a lot more evidence than there is today.

Ryan - Packer Backers

I think Perry will indeed overtake Romney, even in the longer term - the conservative base will overwhelmingly support him over Mitt.

Doug (not Muir)

Less than two months to go until the first primaries and caucuses, prediction's looking good. In response to the latest boomlet, I will say that God does not love Democrats enough to give us Newt Gingrich as our opponent in a presidential election.

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