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April 18, 2011


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I hope you do continue to blog; you're an engaging and informative writer, and I've been enjoying your work for years now. But if you haven't got the time or energy, I wouldn't be surprised. Your life sounds very demanding.


What they said! I love following your blog and Claudia's. You are both interesting writers.

Tony Zbaraschuk

We're still reading... this is a fun and informative blog about interesting. Please keep posting.

Bernard Guerrero

"Being a minority shareholder in Moldova is no longer a very very bad idea. (Whether it's yet a good idea remains to be seen.)"

LOL! It's usually not a good idea, regardless. Sometimes not even if you're transacting via the NYSE.


"Orheiul Vecchei (or-HAY-ul VEK-ay)"
Isn't it "Orheiul vechi" (or-HAY-ul VEK-) meaning "The Old Orhei" ?


Bernard Guerrero

The language issue strikes! I guessed the meaning of vecchei/vechi immediately, what with it being a Romance language and all. But which language is it? :^)


Oh, just a Romance language called ( how else but ... ) Romanian :)

Miss Footloose

That was fun reading! Hope to see more of Moldova soon.

Bernard Guerrero


You'd think so, but there's politics involved.



I should know : it's my mothertongue and I am neither Moldovan nor Moldavian.

I once knew a person that claimed to have three mothertongues : Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. Go figure - he had like three mothers... It would be funny if it would not be sad.

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I'm happy I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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