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February 27, 2011


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Best wishes. I'm looking forward to your posts from Moldova so that I can learn more about that country.

Tony Zbaraschuk

Likewise. Glad to hear you got some US vacation time with the family; looking forward to hearing about the West Bank and Moldova.


Moldova should be a part of Romania, but it's not. :|

Andrew R.

I have a friend who, when she was around high-school age, was told about the existence of Moldava and thought that the person who told her about it was pulling her leg. She was incredulous that there was an anarchic failed state in eastern Europe where armed brigands on horseback roamed the countryside.

Miss Footloose

Hello Doug, fancy finding you here in cyberspace! You'll know me by a different name, but I am packing and let's just say you already invited us (me and GK) to dinner in Chisinau! Arriving very soon . . .

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