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December 31, 2010


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Nich Hills

Happy new year, Doug!

David Tenner

Let me echo Nich's Happy new year wish for you, Doug.

Now here's my question: Suppose the Senate had approved a Medicare buy-in for those over 55? Would that have counted as a public option? And unlike a full-scale public option, this had a plausible chance of getting a filibuster-proof majority, had not Lieberman shifted his position on it.

As for a full-scale public option, I think that had a chance only if the Senate had taken up filibuster reform at the very beginning of the Congress--which was very unlikely. One should remember that the Democrats--even had they been united--only had a sixty-vote "filibuster proof" majority rather briefly--after Specter changed parties, after Franken's election was confirmed, and after Edward Kennedy (who had not been able to vote for months) died and was temporarily replaced by Paul Kirk. By then, momentum was already shifting against the administration and the emerging health care bill, and the remarkable thing to me is not that it passed without a public option, but that it passed at all (especially after Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts, when a lot of Democrats were urging Obama to give up on the bill entirely).

Andrew R.

Doug, I'm surprised at your surprise at the vehemence of opposition to the public option. The growing lunacy of Movement Conservatism (and the recrudescence of the conspiracy nonsense) has been kind of apparent for a while now. If posters on Free Republic could argue that the Red Chinese ordered Bill Clinton to launch the Kosovo war to deplete America's supplies of cruise missiles, the notion that Health Care Reform was obviously the first step towards instituting Communism seems perfectly likely to come up.


the food soldier at the RNC

Sounds vaguely Betan, if you ask me...


Well, you could post more! But I certainly hope you don't post less; every day you post about, for example, some area of African history or travelog is a little better than it would have been absent that post. So few, but devoted, perhaps.

In any case, happy new year!


Best wishes to you and your family for a very Happy New Year, and more stable work than in 2010.

Bernard Guerrero

Happy New Year, Doug!

Jussi Jalonen

Happy New Year from here as well. This blog post reminds me that I still have to send you that package which will release me of my very own bet obligations.

You know, the bet which I don't want to win anymore. Although the upcoming parliamentary elections just might be a harbinger of the possibility of me winning that bet.

I suppose that the adress is still the same that it was a year ago.


J. J.

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