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October 07, 2010


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Were there a lot of unsupervised kids there, or was there an assumption that you didn't need supervising staff because the parents would be there?

The New York City Math Teacher

Ah, the Boppard Sesselbahn. I remember the chairlifts at Holiday Mountain, where a near solid cage of bars, restraints, and thick-thick seats lifted you up the Neversink Gorge in a virtual metal cocoon. In Boppard, it was like we were wearing nothing but Joe Namath slingshot briefs as we tootled up 3000 feet.

Yeah, the safety culture is different.


It's a reasonable bet that German television isn't full of commercials from dime-a-dozen lawyers asking "Have you been injured?"


In New Hampshire, the toboggan things that go on wheels down a track are called alpine slides. A few of the ski areas have them for some summer income.

Doug M.

@Ray, there were a lot of schoolkids there on field trips -- mostly middle school age, give or take. "Lightly supervised", let's say.

The German approach to safety and litigation seems overall more sensible. Litigating is harder. But on the other hand, business here is much more regulated; to a great extent, America's culture of litigation is a substitute for this.

The Wasserkuppe is indeed a ski area.

Doug M.

Skuter Anak

I buy a scooter for my son's 5th birthday. I can't stop him to ride it. He exploring the house and neigborhood. Oh my. Me and my husband have to keep watching on him. Thank God he's not falling from it.

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