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July 21, 2010


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Bernard Guerrero

Go on, how?! (We had quite a few in our pond in NY, but I introduce goldfish and the equilibrium level came way down. I suspect that wouldn't be practical for you, though.)


Surely a simple strainer to scoop them out and let them die in the air, would be simple and "organic"? Or not that easy?

So, what did you do?


Nuke 'em from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Seriously, start by getting the top cleared off and apply some bio-warfare. There's a bacteria that preys on mosquito larvae--bacillus wossname--comes in little rings or tablets at the hardware shop.

Once clear, prevent future infestations with a squirt of detergent to create a slight barrier film against future egg laying.

Bernard Guerrero

"bacillus wossname"

Thuringensis. I considered an introduction to my pond, but if it takes it can have an impact on butterflies & moths.

Will Baird

What about an oil layer?


I lived in Houston, TX as a kid...it's a big swamp. The mosquitoes would grow in all sorts of places that held water, like the in-ground plastic boxes that held the water meters in every yard. We always used a layer of vegetable oil and it worked...but I like the goldfish idea!

Doug (not Muir)


As in Thüringen? Like, right next door to chez Muir?

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