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June 23, 2010


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Andrew R.

Just noting about being in the UK on a budget: when I was there for a research trip as a poor grad student a few years ago, I lived off of sausage rolls and hostel breakfasts. Sausage rolls are delicious, filling, and seriously cheap. Although you may not have been the sort of person to enjoy a diet of pig, pig, and pig.


McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits some places around here. I certainly can get Peak Frean's equiv, which are pretty good in my opinion. Will keep this in mind for a care package some day! Wonder how well they ship....

James Bodi

McVities are available in Bermuda and you can get them with a dark chocolate coating that's even better than the milk chocolate. On the other hand, like most brands here, they go in and out of stock randomly.

Joseph Eros

The Koreans make quite a passable (IMO) version of the digestive biscuit, both with and without chocolate coating on the back.

I can't remember the brand name, but it's instantly recognizable when you see it on the shelf.

Kirsten Edwards

Trumping that: we ported in our own food: tea, oatmeal packets, and those cram-like food-bar things on my best friend's and my "starvation tour-0-Europe" It's hard to beat "library-school student poor.

On the other hand, despite losing 10 pounds in one week in G.B., we got to spend the week following with her family in Vienna. The resulting calories kept us going for the following three weeks... mitt shlagg!

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