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April 28, 2010


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I laughed a lot. I also love you.

Tony Zbaraschuk

Hmmm... this sounds like it would make a good Euro game ;)


You can't have been alone very long, or you would not have the energy to have written this post :-)

Doug (not Muir)

I hesitate to mention it, but what about a Sick Parent card?

Doug (not Muir)

Also, is a Baby more likely to cause Sleeplessness? Or are they assumed to have gotten through that phase before you commence to play?

Also also, what about Sick at Night?

Another good card might be Reduced Agenda, so that there's less Stuff to Get Done on a particular day. (The client calls in sick, so no meeting that day, for example.)

Sion Thomas

being able to put together a post like that should generate several points of internet awesome, which should in turn be capable of offsetting Depression.

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