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January 03, 2010


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Bernard Guerrero

"The room gets very messy during the day, and they really can't clean it unless I stand over them and tell them what to do, which I find really tiresome. But that's a post for another time."

No need, that bit is probably universal. "Pick up the Legos. Yes, those Legos. Into the Lego bucket. Is the motor a Lego motor? Then it goes with the other Legos. No, no, focus. Not the action figures, get the Legos. Finish. The. Legos."


Bernard, I had to laugh as I read your commentary. Been there more times than I care to remember.

You forgot "Now turn around and get the Lego pieces behind you that you missed. Yes, THOSE pieces." etc.

Jussi Jalonen

I'm amazed. Haven't you seen the Takeshi Kitano movie "Sonatine", where the Yakuza men are having a beach party, shooting each others with roman candles?

(They have cardboard shields, of course.)


J. J.

Bernard Guerrero


True. I think I've uttered your addition verbatim. I'd change Doug's "tiresome" to "positively exhausting".

Aljur - Sikat ang Pinoy

nice post to start the year. I like the wits that you have here on your blog. :)

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