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December 31, 2009


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Noel Maurer

About that Foreign Policy piece on life in 1999:

"You could meet your loved ones at their arrival gate."

Memory is fallible, but I am almost completely positive that this is not true. In fact, I'm pretty sure that it hadn't been true for years at that point. (I have a vague memory of my brother stopping from meeting me at the gate.) But I also know that Secretary Mineta made some sort of announcement about preventing anybody but passengers past security back in 2001.

Anyone know when they stopped letting anybody but ticketed passengers past security?

Anyway, the real good old days were back when I was in college, and you could find cheap tickets to anywhere being sold in the classifieds. Ah, the days before e-tickets and printed-out boarding passes, before anybody asked for your ID when you had to board.

Get off my lawn!

Bernard Guerrero

We did a version of the Beer Distribution Game in a Operations Research class at NYU. Good stuff. The big surprise to me was how quickly each player became sure that "somebody" in the chain was f*ing up in a major way or maybe even sabotaging things on purpose. You weren't supposed to talk up and down the game supply chain, but after just a few rounds it was constant exclamations of "WTF!?", etc all over the room.

Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

I have to ask - was the Ottoman or the Austro-Hungrarian part better? I presume northern, since the Sick Man of Europe has a strong reputation for corruption in my mind, but I don't actually know.

James Bodi

Well, there's a Venture Brothers episode with Iggy Pop and David Bowie in it, if that helps.

I have no idea how Foo Fighters fans and Brett Easton Ellis overlap, though.

Bernard Guerrero

Well, I like Foo Fighters and I've been called Patrick Bateman-like a couple of times, but that's all I can see. And I'm not really a snazzy dresser at all.

Doug (not Muir)

I've been to pretty dark orange. Calling Bulgan, Mongolia a "major city" seems stretching things. And the implied travel times for western Mongolia or northern Labrador (further in either direction than I've managed) seem very optimistic.

Jussi Jalonen

The darkest. No prizes for guessing where it was.


J. J.

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