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November 16, 2009


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Black Mage

Wait, Wade isn't just 'quite old' -- he's 83, and will be 86 in 2012. Would he even be able to win the support of the Senegalese population for a term that would make him a nonagenarian once he's finished?

It is sad to hear that Senegal is going this way -- it was the closest thing mainland Africa had to a democracy until the early 1990s (outside Botswana, which has its own problems). It's remained relatively stable and pluralist even as pretty much every other country on the continent has stumbled at various hurdles -- it seems sad that just as Ghana, Benin, Mali, etc., develop more and more effective deocratic practices, Senegal is falling behind.

Doug M.

Apparently there's some doubt about just how old Wade really is -- many people think he's even older than he says. But yes, he's really old.

Will he really run? Would Senegalese vote for him? I've only made two visits to the country, so I can't really say. (But if you read French, it's probably worth posting the questions on one of the several forums where Senegalese discuss politics online.)

Doug M.

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