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October 09, 2009


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No kidding. Way too early for that. Surely there must have been other, more qualified nominees?


Tsch. I suppose that they take peace more seriously over there, but over here, we just wanna peel back the foil and eat that really big hunk of chocolate on the inside.

By myself, it's still somewhat difficult to be exactly critical of this sort of thing for the President--to divide out my own self from his gratification at the prize.

That said, it is too early, and yet, it's a ratification of the 1964 award to MLK, without whom this would not be possible ("Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so we can all fly."--that still absolutely kills me).

Additionally, it's a further rebuke to the dark debasement of the Bush years and a way to signal the United States' return to the world, and a step back from monstering-global affirmation isn't just nice, it's the carrot that (one would hope) will stop certain things from happening again.

I also think there's something to the statements of both Shimon Peres and Obama himself on this; that it's not just a thank you from the world for not electing McCain, but that it's a demonstration of support for Obama's international agenda, and the prestige of the prize may both bring that to being with more ease, and may push him towards those goals at greater speed.

So, yeah.



Obviously he's donating the prize money to charity. Any thoughts on where it should go?


ACORN! The Red Crescent! His aunt in Nigeria who's recently come into some oil money but needs his social security number.....

Brian D

Tangentially related, any chance of getting your thoughts on the recent Armenia/Turkey discussions? I'm still having trouble figuring out if this is a Big Deal, or just a first step. But in some ways, even a first step feels like a big deal.

If this leads to better rail/road connections, it would seem like a very big deal for Armenia. Turkey has an active line all the way past Kars. If they re-opened the border where the rail line had connected in the past, that would certainly change some of Armenia's isolation.

Jussi Jalonen

Comment from Poland (yes, I'm in Warsaw, as you can see from the geo-traffic map): when a reporter told Lech Wałęsa that Obama had received the prize, the old Solidarity leader only said two words, in apparent amazement: "Tak szybko?" ("So soon?")

Can't say that my expression is different. I mean, for what, exactly? Because some truly deserving people really waited for their own award for years.


J. J.

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