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October 10, 2009


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Poor baby. Ow.

I assume that you held her hand under cold water for several minutes? If not, try that next time anyone has a burn. The idea is to take the heat out as quickly as possible. And the faster you get the burned part under the cold water, the less severe the burn will be (up to a point, of course).


Oh, I did. She didn't like it, so I made her hold a cold pack, which is the same thing. I find water more soothing but as she was crying and fussing, the cold pack did its job well enough.

Is this something Americans don't do? (As in, North Americans.) Because this is common knowledge in Germany for sure.


Anecdotally, my family does it. It's fairly common among my friends from the Upper Midwest, people where boy scouts, or people with doctors as parents. About what you'd expect.


Hope she is feeling better.

I think (at least I hope) it is pretty common knowledge. No idea where I learned it - Girl Guide first aid courses, if not before from my mother.

You didn't mention anything about it, so was just checking! :)

Note, I got a nasty burn one evening and had my hand in cold (not icy) water for at least a couple of hours, because every time I took it out, it hurt. Surprisingly, there was very little pain the following day. It was bad enough that I'd gone to an acute care clinic to get the doctor to check. He warned me that burns on hand hurt because we have so many nerve endings there, esp on finger pads. So to have little pain the next day was a big surprise.

Tough to do with a toddler, I do admit!

Tony Zbaraschuk

Hope she recovers well.

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