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October 04, 2009


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I agree 100%. This is the superhero post I've been meaning to write, but with one addition. The Superman cartoon between Batman and Justice League was also pretty good, at least the first season. David & I just finished watching the first season.


Justice League and Unlimited were awesome. I liked The Batman a lot too. What is funny to me is that they keep canceling superhero shows and starting new ones geared for a younger audience, and then grown ups like me end up the audience yet again. I am so tired of networks canceling great shows. I clung to Justice league, they cancelled it, switched off to The Batman, and Legion of superheros, both canceled, Wolverine and the X men, (seasonal limbo) and Batman the Brave and the Bold. The best marvel show to date is Spiderman that ran from 1993 to 1998. Spiderman unlimited was retarded. Spectacular Spiderman was enjoyable, but canceled at a point of no return just like Spiderman unlimited. Batman Superman Public enemies was good. I enjoyed the self sacrifice that Batman is willing to accept and it paralleled an episode of Justice League in which he has to nearly die to save others. For those who hate on The Batman, you ought to check out some of the episodes with great meaning like "Seconds." Artifacts was a really neat episode as well.

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