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October 07, 2009


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I completely understand about your perspective re mushrooms. I have a friend whose parents are Latvian and who grew up spending summers and other weekends at a cottage north of Toronto. Her parents taught her to distinguish edible from non-edible mushrooms. So, go up to her cottage for a weekend, go for a walk, and sure enough, Julie will find mushrooms to add to dinner. After some deep thought on the matter, I decided to trust her and never got sick. She's long since sold the cottage, so no more chance to test her/my luck!


Some ancestors on my father's side are said to have found out too late that the mushrooms they gathered were of the poisonous variety. This happened well over 100 years ago in Italy, and the details were a bit fuzzy, especially with respect to just how many people met their demise in the incident.


The New York City Math Teacher

I used to go on walks with Will Provine in the woods near his house in Marathon, and he would snag chicken-of-the-woods from the crooks of old oaks and maples "snap" just like that. I'm more of a fruit and herb guy. Let the others pick the mushrooms.

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