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June 22, 2009


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Tony Zbaraschuk

The part about mutual economic support for Mouride community members in distant lands sounds a lot like British Dissenters in the 18th century -- a Quaker (say) had a built-in connection with Quakers in other cities, by virtue of their shared religious association.

Doug (not Muir)

Doug, have you told Charlie Stross about the Mourides? I think he needs them for his sequel to Halting State. (It had been titled 419 and featured a much larger West African country, but Madoff and the others pulled off much bigger frauds than Stross wanted to use in the story, so he's re-tooling.)

fraa Jad

Doug (not Muir) -- weird, that's the first thing I thought of too, someone should tell Charlie Stross about this.


Please, this guy who wrote this story is mixing his nuts with real peanuts. He does not know anything about the mourides, he is using other peoples subjectivity and his own to talked about this group.
First of all I think he should define the meaning of the word mouride. Which mean the ones who aspires to happiness or the ones who's seeking happiness. And I think everyone does in this world.
Second of all no one was ask to be a member and no one was ask to give or participate in any giving action. It is all about the willingness of the people to come a mourides after LEARNING AND knowing what the profounder was about: CHEIKH AHMADOU BAMBA KHADIMOU RASSOUL

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