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February 14, 2009


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James Bodi

Does Comic Book Guy have a Manila counterpart? If so, what's he like?

Doug M.

If he does, I haven't seen him yet. Staff at the shop were three female, one male. (Which, come to think of it, is not like the US model at all.)

Also, bearded Filipinos are rare, and fat ones even rarer. So if Cat Piss Man is here (and he may well be), I suspect he's expressing a different phenotype.

Doug M.

James Bodi

Yeah, I figured the look would be quite different, maybe faux-gangsta or faux-hipster.

Doug (not Muir)

So when did you quit with Cerebus?

Bernard Guerrero

"Yeah, I figured the look would be quite different"


James Bodi

Good question, Bernard. A guess based on Filipinos I'd seen / known in Canada and Bermuda? Also, seems to me that CBG is a north-american stereotype. But I could be totally wrong on that.

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