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February 03, 2009


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Noel Maurer

Might it be that you would have liked Bolt more had you seen it in English?

Manila! What for?

Doug M.

Analysis of the legal framework of the health care system, with particular emphasis on trade.

Doug M.

Noel Maurer

But what about watching cartoons in German?

Actually, that sounds interesting. I don't honestly see the connection between healthcare and trade, unless you're talking about the emigration of Philippine doctors. What's the connection I'm missing?

Bernard Guerrero

Medical tourism?

Noel Maurer

That makes sense; shoulda thought of it. Say, where's Doug?

Martin Wisse

If I have to take a wild guess, part of Doug's trip to Manila will be to look at how open the Philipines' health care system is to US service providers/insurance companies and such. A lot of trade these days is in services after all rather than more physical things...

And everything in Germany is dubbed into German which makes watching something quintessential American as Friends say quite ...odd...

In Holland most things are subbed, apart from childrens entertainment.

Noel Maurer

Mexico subtitles, Spain dubs. So all Mexicans immigrants in Barcelona go to the same theater as American expats, even when there English is terrible. The dubbing is just too ... weird. (And, of course, often in Catalan. But that's secondary.)

I hate movies dubbed into English, pretty universally.

So what's wrong with the Germans and Spaniards? Help a brother out, Martin.

Martin Wisse

I think it was the Polish who dubbed foreign tv shows without taking the trouble to mute the original sound at one point, btw.

Bernard Guerrero

"part of Doug's trip to Manila will be to look at how open the Philipines' health care system is to US service providers/insurance companies and such."

Martin, I believe we're all on the same sheet of music. Medical tourism is the concept of shipping high-cost cases overseas for treatment. To date, I've seen it tossed around most often in regards to elective surgery in India and Central America.

Noel Maurer

Central America?

Question asked, I am awaiting word from Doug as to what he's really investigating. I am, I'll say, doubtful that medical tourism will become more than a niche market.

Why, you ask? Well, hell, I'll tell you even if you're not asking:

(1) The rising cost of medical care in America is due to the availability of new treatments more than anything else. Such problem afflicts other nations as well. The Blinder Effect, so large in other service sphere, may (may, I say!) be small in the medical field. E.g., direct labor costs are a smaller part of medical expenditures than you might think.

(2) Protection. Why aren't any radiologists worried about outsourcing? In part because most non-American radiologists really aren't as good as American ones. In part because when they are they charge about as much. And in part because good luck with getting an American insurer, public or private, to reimburse you for getting a non-U.S.-trained radiologist to examine your image.

Doesn't mean that I'm right, of course.

But I am fairly certain that I am. So ... (1) I'm wrong; (2) I'm right, but Doug's funders aren't married to radiologists and don't know all thsi; or (3) Doug is looking into something else.

Doug? Dude! You reading /comic books/, man. Surely blogging is more fun.

Bernard Guerrero

"Central America?"

Plastic surgery. High margin, elective.

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