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February 10, 2009


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Haha. I still get like that whenever I read the words "President Obama."

At least my post election snicker has gone away.


I still am taken aback when I hear the words "President Obama". Like it.

Noel Maurer

I have returned to normalcy very quickly, to my surprise.

I must clarify. Normalcy means early election day, November 7th, 2000, before the vote count went awry.

Perhaps one could push "normalcy" to September 10, 2001.

We are now back to normal. And it is amazing how quickly my relief at that passes. Sort of like when the car rolls /off/ your foot. Absolute bliss, quickly dissipated.

Then again, I'm reading more about the sausage-side of legislation-making more than anyone should at the moment. YMMV.

Doug, do I need to start a "Doug in Manila" series at TPTM?

Doug (not Muir)

Friend of mine is the #2 in a posting that has two Americans. She relates that on inauguration day, her boss took down the Cheney portrait the moment Biden had finished his oath.

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