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January 24, 2009


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I love Facebook for keeping in touch with distant friends. You can "waste" a lot of time with FB apps (mostly games), but I mostly use it just as a networking tool.

Unfortunately, Doug Muir is rather too common for me to be likely to find you.

Christine Forber


Heh. Time suck..............

James Bodi

It's good for us expats but only if it's got good penetration in the home base. For me it works well because Toronto is a big facebook city.

On the other hand, I'm one of three people on the site who isn't listed under his own name. This is because I have no desire to be found by old high-school or university acquaintances, or, worse, my firm, which has the indecency to have its own page there. Stupid tech-savvy junior associates.

I must say I'm completely unsurprised by the dolphins, whom I've long considered the Eddie Haskels of the ocean. I've got my eye on the bonobos too.


is it just me, or are all your links messed up?


The links are messed up.

Mike Davis

Aw, and here I sent you a friend request and everything. I have Internet sadness!

Sincerely Yours, [j/k]
Mike "Still the 21st President" Davis

Bernard Guerrero

Chet! You live!

Jussi Jalonen

For what it's worth, I just don't get the Facebook concept, either. I've asked the same question, "but what does it actually _do_?" from my acquaintances, and the best answer that I've received is that "well, there's always that random chance that someone just might look you up and then you can feel special and wanted for a few minutes".

... that pretty much determined my opinion of how useful this medium would be for me. But anyway, de gustibus. I'm sure that there are people for whom it's important and even beneficial. It's OK, but I just don't think that it would do anything for me.

N. B., that "Jussi Jalonen" personality in the Facebook is not me. Likewise, that another "Jussi Jalonen", who's in the Netlog community is not me, either.


J. J.


Jussi, how common is your name in Finland?

(I have noticed a few "David Tenner"s on the Web who are not me--including at least one fellow-lawyer...)

Jussi Jalonen

"Jussi" is a pretty common name. It's the Finnish diminutive of "Juhani/Johannes/John", i.e. similar to the English "Jack". It's not one of the most popular names, but still pretty common.

"Jalonen" is a very regionally limited surname, pretty much all of them live in Western Finland, most of them on the coast. There's another cluster around Vammala and Huittinen, where the Lower Satakunta merges with the province of Pirkanmaa, and my father was from those parts of the country.

So, the combination "Jussi Jalonen" should not be _that_ common, but there seem to be many namesakes. A quick Google search does reveal that man in the Facebook (who's not me), that other, out-loud-and-proud bloke in the Netlog (who's not me), some sales manager who has a profile in LinkedIn (still not me), the chief of the fire department in Tampere (not me), a guy who plays American football in "Turku Trojans" (definitely not me), and so on, and so on.

On the other hand, the "Jussi Jalonen" who's mentioned in those book webstores and Finnish newspaper reviews - that's me:



J. J.

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