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December 04, 2008


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Do get the third one, that one's actually good, in parts even better than the first.

And yes, the second one is abysmal.


I think my favorite part of the third is how the fictive republic has a sultan. Yeah!


In my opinion, the first IJ movie rates close to 10/10. Great movie, good action, etc. The second one might get 3 or 4/10 if I was in a generous mood. The third is pretty good, 8/10, and the recent 4th was also pretty good, 7/10.

So I suggest you check out the third one before you give up on the series.



Loved loved loved the first -- partly why I ended up an archaeology major undergrad. #2 -- piss poor and boring. Totally enjoyed #3, although the "love interest" is actually even more annoying than the Kate Capshaw character in #2. As opposed to Christine, I thought #4 was unspeakably horrible, and I soooo wanted to like it. I am still disappointed, months later.

Dennis Brennan

I always enjoyed the move up until the point when they've jumped out of the plane and are in the raft on the river. The Club Obi-Wan scene is lots of fun.

Even as a kid, what really bothered me about the movie was the part at the end when they're in the mine shafts, trying to outrun the water. It's a mine, and we already saw in the rail cart chase scene that there are extensive chasms. And the volume of water that we're dealing with is limited to that big cistern. So how is it that even after they cross the chasms, they still have to worry about the water?

#4 was just heartbreaking. Nuking the fridge, indeed.

Doug (not Muir)

Stop #2 when the pilot guy grins and waves, and you've got a great cliffhanger capping off a near-perfect 20-minute episode. Just don't ever watch the rest.

Liked #3, thought #4 an amusing mix, but definitely had to overlook more of teh stupid than I really would have liked.

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