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December 05, 2008


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Bernard Guerrero

"That said... if I were working, I wouldn't have moments like these. I'd be dressing, thinking about my work, running out the door."

True, true.

Andrew R.

I am, oddly, reminded of 1982, when my late father returned from his work on Brazil's troubled Jari project back home to the states. Because it was in fact 1982 and I was six, it wasn't until much, much later that the reason that I got to have dad around more was that he was hunting for new work (which he actually found within fairly short order).

Andrew R.

And one other comment--isn't your CV strong enough that you can pretty much beat out anyone else for the sort of gigs you do that come up?

James Bodi

Hey Doug - a month or so ago I was at a head-wetting and one of the other guys was talking about political risk insurance (Sovereign, a lead provider is here in Bermuda).

Now, it sounded like the guys they were hiring to assess same were guys who had much of the same experience as you. Ever thought about it?

Bernard Guerrero

Wish I could offer something constructive along the lines of what James tossed out, but my current employer's political risk profile is strictly domestic....


It's a recent term (mid 1850s) and as it turns out there is no defintion of the word "canoodle" in the O.E.D. that doesn't mean what I suspect you don't want it to mean.

Bernard Guerrero

Carbonel, I'm not sure he didn't mean it that way. Most of the time I spend on teh Webs could be fairly characterized as "f*&%!#@ around".

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