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November 04, 2008


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Scott Raun

I've been watching the Coleman/Franken/whoever race as an at least somewhat interested party (since I do live in MN). From what I've been seeing, Franken may take it. If the independent wasn't in the race, I'd be certain about it. Coleman is NOT a popular figure right now - the fact that his ad campaign is mostly attack ads on Franken isn't helping. We're getting sick and tired of ad campaigns that tell us how awful the other guy is but don't tell us why you're a good candidate. We're getting more positive ads from Franken, which is helping him.

And don't forget Jesse Ventura - we've voted entertainment industry figures into high public office before!

Bernard Guerrero

Obama with 348 EV.
Senate: D +7
House: D +19

The New York City Math Teacher

Obama 393 McCain 145
McCain will lose Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota.
Senate 59D 2I 39R Jim Martin in Georgia and Lunsford will upset in Kentucky.
House 252D 183R

And the New York State Senate is switching.
Upstate is getting cored out bigtime.

Hey, someone had to cover the optimistic end of the spread!

Bernard Guerrero

Optimism is in the eye of the beholder. Thankfully I got my big payout in '07. And my options won't even vest for a good 4 years.

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