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November 14, 2008


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Andrew R.

Your and Claudia's kids are incredibly lucky. I suspect that they'll probably have their universities and grad schools mapped out by the time they're twelve.

Seriously, you guys sound like fantastic parents.

Will Baird

Actually, I was just about to post about teh same subject. No, no not about telling Avrora stories about Phoenix, but rather about what her bed time stories are. We read books and Suess is very popular as are a ton of Russian and Ukrainian stories (in those languages), but also a number of stories like the Phoenix one.

She gets enraptured over Papa telling her about the origin and evolution of people, the carboniferous posts I made but in 3 year old versions, how he world and earth formed, the rise of the dinosaurs, and other science related stories. Normally, it includes a lot of handwaving and semi-acting to go with it. It's way more fun for her than I would have thought, but I am sure not complaining.

Her absolute favorite of these beyond the big science stories are the little moral ones I concocted: Baby Parasaurolopholus. Kinda like the old Bearenstein Bear or other kids stories about what to do with this or that.

She loves them so much (Little P and the others) that she's demanding that Papa put her in bed every night now instead of Mommy. That has amazed my wife.

Doug M.

Andrew, not really. They're just bedtime stories. The odd subject matter is more about me being a geek.

Doug M.


Diana Wynne Jones has a lovely boys' adventure sort of book called The Seven Days of Luke which I expect your boys are just the right age for. A modern boy meets a new friend, a boy named Luke who is, in fact, Loki. All the pantheon and part of the plot of Der Ring des Nibelungen make an appearance.

By the way, I don't recall if I ever thanked you for the Akiko recommendation. I tracked down The Menace of Alia Relapor and set them aside until my Mighty Mite reached (IIRC) Alan's age - which was this summer.

We had long, long hours to get through in the Hospital and those books were just lovely. So thank you very much!

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