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November 03, 2008


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Spike Gomes

Non-voter here. I've my reasons.

Doug (not Muir)

Absentee. Registered in DC, so it's not like one more Obama vote is going to change things. But still.

Scalzi lists the Verified Miracles of St. Obama, and mostly he's pulling our collective leg, but then at #10: "Is the front-runner for president while being a black man named Barack [Hussein] Obama."

I'm thinking O-369 M-169. Anyone else?

The New York City Math Teacher

Voted absentee three weeks ago.

Make it over, already!

Bernard Guerrero

I'll be showing up on the appointed day. Terribly traditionalist of me, but I don't like opening Xmas presents early, either.


I'll be voting in the morning before work. Lines tend to be long, as most of the poll workers seem to be age 85 and up :)


Debating whether to get there at the crack of dawn (6-ish for a 7 am start) or sneak out of work early and go around 3 pm... Either way, I will vote.

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