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October 25, 2008


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I enjoy reading just about anything you write.

Gareth Wilson

I'm still waiting for the next Alvin and the Chimpmunks post. Seriously, any bizarre piece of history you can find will be fine.


I enjoy reading almost all of your posts, so whatever you decide to post is good!

Some suggestions.

You did a post about Fladungen not long after you moved there. Have those thoughts changed? Anything interesting to add now that you've been there a while?

What is a "international comparative commercial lawyer" and what do you do professionally?

You didn't post much about Jordan, just about the river Jordan and the Dead Sea. Anything else worth commenting on from that trip?

Any after-thoughts about Armenia now that you've been elsewhere for several months?

Obviously, post Nov 4 comments on the election results are likely to be interesting and timely!

James Angove

You started a series about USAID with compare/contrast state department efforts. I'd like to see that.

I'd love, for my own amusement to see so alt.hist. I lurked for years but never posted. The intellectual caliber and rigor of the people I admired was too great and the people who sucked, well. The sucked.

I'd like to know more about what it is, exactly, that you do..

I wouldn't mind hearing from Claudia, some. Does she ever worry about the effect of the transience of your lifestyle? Or your trips? Do you, come to that?

(And I'd kill to have a real, non terse, smart but not clever post for Claudia on what the US political system looks like from the half-outside).

So there are some things. I think you have more readers you than you imagine. But you post rarely, don't cross-post when you do something on FFOE (which has the crapiest internal search I've seen in ages) and Carlos is damn intimidating to the average commenter. That is, me.

Barry Cotter

I'll add to the voices asking about your job, or how you ended up in it. The comment on how the Burundian ruling class seemed like melanin enhanced Énarques was interesting because of all the questions it raised in my mind : How are the Belgians and French different at that level?, How much a part of a culture that isn't their national culture are the elites of developing countries generally?, Can you make useful generalisations about Francophone and Anglophone, or indeed Lusophone African countries?

Or anything that tickles your fancy. Like Andrew, I enjoy virtually everything you write.

Bernard Guerrero

Did you ever do that series of posts on the Insular Cases you were talking about?

Tony Zbaraschuk

Pretty much everything posted is worth reading, though I'd like to see more on the international side of things.

James Bodi

The above. Also, book chat is always good if you're running out of material.

Will Baird

A little late, but an alt hist post would be kewl. It's been a looooong time, Doug.

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