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August 06, 2008


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felis sidus

If it's any comfort, I grew up with an entire hedge row of oleanders in the back yard. None of the kids in the neighborhood ever got sick from it, despite making leis out of the blossoms, thus getting the sap all over our hands. We were told that all parts of the plant were poisonous, and not to put our fingers in our mouths if we'd gotten sap on them, and apparently took it to heart. Of course, it helped that the sap was incredibly bitter. This I learned the one time I forgot I'd been handling the plant. One touch to the tongue was enough to fix that. Yuck!

coach factory store

Now it's huge, and sits outside on the back porch. We've warned the boys about it, and I make a point of collecting the fallen leaves and dumpinaadfg them in the compost pile (composting will break down the toxins -- I checked), but it still makes me twitchy.

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