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July 24, 2008


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Nich Hills

Hi Claudia,

Jacob is certainly turning into a handsome boy.

[Doug, on the other hand, looks like a younger and fitter version of me.]

Congratulations on the homemade noodle soup. It sounds like an irresistible force of nature!

Jussi Jalonen

I'm sort of curious what the American reaction will be when the first Obama-puppet is hanged and burned by a European crowd in some anti-G8 demonstration a few years from now.

On the plus side from the American point of view, that should definitely unite even the extreme right behind the new president.


J. J.


Hey Nich,
If you are referring to the second picture w/ Doug, that's Alan. Jacob is the one pointing to the TV, and David is sort of lounging on the floor. Better pix are coming up soon (along with my long-planned series of before-and-after photos of the house!).

But thanks! I like to think my men are rather nice to look at. ;-)

Jussi - you are always full of good cheer!

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