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July 19, 2008


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Sure, abzymes. Antibodies (ABs) produced against an antigen that resembles the substrate transition state in an enzymatic reaction; thus the antibody-antigen pairing resembles an enzyme-substrate pairing, which could catalyze an enzymatic reaction. (People have tried using this as a general method of protein engineering, um, for about twenty years. Proteins are hard.)

Tymoczko has been analyzing the geometries of chordal progressions for a while now. I'm not sure how much value the new formulation adds. But hey, a new article.

Get your shots. The black vomit is no joke. And the Brust is in the mail.

Gareth Wilson

My only complaint with the Watchmen trailer is that it contains a big spoiler. Strangely, the spoiler is in the editing: just move two unconnected shots further apart and it wouldn't be a spoiler any more.


Hey Carlos, would you mind telling me how to contact you through email, please?


KW, it's my first name dot last name at gmail. But as I told you before, I don't have any new information about starting a new shwi forum, and frankly, my interest in such a forum has dwindled.

Also, please do not use this blog as a place to contact me. I don't blog here, you know?


It's not about that, don't worry.

Also, you didn't reply to me over at Nicoll's place, a month or two ago, so I thought I'd try the only other place I know you comment. I'm sorry if that was s a violation of etiquette.

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