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July 02, 2008


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Noel Maurer

Great story.

Ever been to Brazil?

Andreas Morlok

>and even third- and fourth-generation immigrants still spoke and >read Japanese perfectly.

That trend continued, and by now there are even lots of Xth generation Japanese-Brasilians in Japan don`t even speak Japanese.

Some banks even have cash machines with Portugese menus.

Noel Maurer

Andreas, I think something's wrong with the grammar of that sentence. You mean to say that trend /didn't/ continue, right?

FWIW, I dated a Japanese-Brazilian (in Sao Paulo) when I lived there in 1993. If she spoke any Japanese, I never found out about it, although you could hear it in a particular shopping center frequented by Japanese-Brazilians.

Andreas Morlok

> You mean to say that trend /didn't/ continue, right?

Yes, sorry. I wanted to say there is a trend towards an increasing immigration of Brasilians without closer ties to Japanese culture/language.
That is partly based only on one data point - personal experience in Japan, so there is a bias. I met quite a lot of Brasilians back in Kobe, and many were only half/quarter Japanese, who only spoke Portugese or English.

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