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June 12, 2008


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Doug (not Muir)

Ok, I've obviously been out of circulation too long. Who's on the posters for LE, NE and CN?

I've got a couple of things: One cribbed from Bruce Sterling, http://tesselion.wordpress.com/
Adaptive Quadrilateral Flat Panelization (who could resist a name like that?), and an obvious labor of love, http://www.fugue.com/pics/goodnews.html
Google Good News.

Any more URLs will probably put this comment into the moderation queue, so I'll stop there.

Andrew R.

Regarding the Atlantic article, I can imagine that a thirteenth-century equivalent would ask, "Are pagination, indices, and the summa making us stupid?" There would be much hand-wringing over a change from meditative to consultive reading, from the fact that whereas people had once committed texts to memory, they now merely searched them with this new technology of page numbering, chapter headings, indices, and tables of contents.


Hi. Thanks for the mention.

I eventually managed to choke down all the decaf stuff and I'm back on the real thing now.

Dennis Brennan


Did the Romans invent D&D?

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