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June 19, 2008


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Tony Zbaraschuk

I've seen it from the Israeli side. It is very very interesting.


I loved it. My blisters did not. I screamed. However, they healed up within a day, so the brief pain was worth the speedy healing. Next time you're here I can show you pix of me floating there when I was 8 -- there was LOTS more water then.

Travel Agents In Jordan

Yeah i agree .. the water level has really gone down in the recent years ... but it still is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the middle east ...
its really worth the heat, the blisters and the walk to the beach, just to experience the bobbing and laying back to read the newspaper .. :) .. which btw is a very common pose for a photo obviously :)

Dead Sea Products

The dead sea is definitely one of a kind. As I'm an Israeli I have the advantage of visiting a couple of times a year, my friend's father even owns a hotel in there.

It makes good to your soul and body.

Nothing linke a dead sea mud spa as well :)

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