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May 21, 2008


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Is your hope to keep this house and maybe rent it out when you get another relatively long term posting? So you have a home base to return to?

Doug (not Muir)

Hey that's cool, the four-year-old is also in the midst of The Hobbit at bedtime. (Though I haven't been able to find the book the last couple of nights.) He was very worried that Bilbo wasn't going to get out of that cave. Though he's also kinda figured out the meta-thing that the story wouldn't go on if something final happened to Bilbo, and there are obviously lots of pages left. But yesssss, Gollum is scary. Ssssss.

We've found our place in Tbilisi, a nice house vacated by US embassy people. If Baku is your next port o' call, maybe we can catch you there, as Iris is also responsible for Azerbaijan. Unless something brings you to Munich before the end of July; Iris is out of town now M-F through the move, so we're not really going anywhere until then.

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