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May 10, 2008


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I turned 49 earlier this week. No way do I feel that old. Nor do I feel old enough to be the mother of a child about to turn 18. Can't be me!! I know exactly what you mean!


Happy Birthday! How lovely to have a May birthday - mine is in November. (Although I have never disliked it, I imagine celebrating when all the flowers are in bloom must be nice.)

18! Wow. Long way away, and I'll be MUCH older than you when my first one passes this milestone. Sometimes, it just scares me.


Happy Mother's Day, to you, too!


Selamat hari ibu, ladies!

Six of us had a frankly awkward and tense Mother's Day dinner yesterday at my parents' house. I was remembering that my mother turned forty the month before I turned sixteen, and since we clashed all the time I vowed not to have a baby when I was twenty-four. Cut to yesterday: my mother is sixty, I'm thirty-six, and my older daughter is eleven. Whoops.

(It looks like the math doesn't work, but Hamachi was born March 17 when I wasn't twenty-five yet.)

Noel Maurer

August! Congratulations! Nobody tells me anything.

I just got the news that you can't make it in June. I understand completely, but I want you to know that you will be missed.


Happy Mother's Day (late), oh Fertile One. When Allison turns 18, I'll be (counting on fingers) 54. Funny how at age 41, 54 doesn't look old.

As for birthdays, at least you weren't born at the end of July, when it is inevitably 90 gazillion degrees and humid.

Just so you know -- I'm cleaning out Allison's closet once again. By the time Petunia (or Hildegarde or Bertha or whatever...) turns 4, I'll have lots of clothes for her.


Just catching up on back comments! It is nice having my birthday in May. Made for a wider selection of birthday activities. The other thing I liked was that it is well spaced from Christmas. Winter things for Christmas, summer for birthday. Both boys were "timed" (as much as one ever can) for May birthdays, which they do have.

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