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April 16, 2008


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Martin Wisse

That's the "make terrorists look like tools" story is it not?

Doug M.

I'll be very sorry not to see the post about General McCain.

Doug M.


? The link is there, Martin, so why not follow it and you tell me?

I watched the final (?) debate last night, and apart from the loathsome media preening -- Charlie Gibson kept on badgering the candidates about changes to his capital gains tax, I am not making this up -- there was one new substantive issue: apparently Clinton wants to extend the American deterrence umbrella to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Dubai, with the stated reason of preventing regional nuclear proliferation. Interesting for several reasons, not least because Obama has made proliferation a pet issue.


Doug, General McCain invited Enoch Powell to speak. In October of 1971. Y'all know what that was about. "RIVERS OF BLOOD!" "and the nigra!"

People have tried exculpating Powell over the years, but look at the company he kept. It's not like Hattiesburg, Mississippi was off the M5.

Dennis Brennan

It was bathtime for the kids, so I was away from the TV. When I started watching, I thought maybe I had missed the part when the moderators were focusing the debate on non-bullsh*t issues, but I guess not:


A part of me wishes that our guy had lashed out a bit more. Shame on you, Charlie and George, for wasting time on ham-handed gotcha questions (on both candidates-- they asked both Hillary and Barack some really unfair and inappropriate questions) and parroting the black-helicopter crowd's attacks on Obama's patriotism.

Noel Maurer

Oddly enough, I wasn't mad at all the "gotcha!" idiocy. Of course, the reason that I wasn't mad was that I was expecting it.

No, what got me had, seriously mad, grab-that-putamadre-Gibson-by-the-lapels mad, was Gibson's insane insistence that $250,000 a year is somehow an ordinary salary, the makers of which need tax relief.

What made me even madder, dale-un-madrazo-upside-the-head mad, was his equally inane insistence that cutting capital gains tax raises revenue.

The Idiot: "Look! In the middle of a stock market boom, capital gains rates were cut an revenue went up! So why raise them now?"

Clinton and Obama, in different ways: "Uh, they also went up when we didn't cut them. Because, you know, stock prices were going up."

The Idiot: "$250,000!"

Obama: "Actually, you know, $98,000 puts you in the top six percent."

FYI, $250,000 gets you into the top two.

Commentators and bloggers and all the rest seem to agree that Obama was tired and off his game during the gotcha session. I didn't see that at all, although I admit bias. What I did see was a man insufficiently angry --- not at the idiot, but at the situation --- and who didn't make the counterarguments to Gibson's GOP-line anywhere near strongly enough.

Of course, Clinton just rolled over, so nothing much better there.

All in all, it would have been dispiriting had I not already hit emotional rock bottom around 3pm that afternoon.

Dennis Brennan


Professor Maranto (remember him from five months ago?) is at it again.


I am *so* looking forward to January 21st. I'm going to be drinking gin and juice on my stoop with Morris Day and the Time cranked up, waiting for my allotment of white women to come by. People say nice things about Megan McArdle. Then I'll go to Staten Island to hunt Republicans down with dogs. Or should that be doggs? not sure, doesn't matter!

And the skull. Oh yes. it will be mine.


Carlos, you're too hard on Chomsky. His insights about linguistics were revolutionary. What his minions did with them afterwards, maybe, not so much -- but that's not his fault. Well. Maybe it is. But still.

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