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April 04, 2008


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Noel Maurer


What was buying a house in Germany like?


Easy! ;-)

It helps if your mom is the deputy mayor of one city and also was born in the city you buy in, and that she knows all the necessary people. The entire thing took a week from start to finish.

Now, the re-vamping of the house takes longer than that... old wallpaper to scrape off, new wallpaper to put up. But in the last week, the house has already gone through a remarkable transformation and with the old drab wallpaper gone it looks much brighter and friendly. One more week, and we can move in. Yay!

Oh, and most important: today we got our DSL and wireless LAN installed. Doug will be ecstatic when he comes home and finds out (he is getting Jacob from the nursery school).

So, really: more later. Because now, we can!

Noel Maurer

Financing was that easy? I was under the impression that Germany made it more difficult than other countries.

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