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April 25, 2008


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Marcia Of The Boonies

>Anthony has something of the North Americanist's perspective, where long-distance migrations and vast social changes due to new domesticates are amply documented. (Incidentally, there's a long post on the Siberian Ket, Alaskan Eyak, Pacific Northwest Tlingit, and Canadian Athabaskan -- including American Southwest Navajo and Apache -- linguistic connection..)

Damn, I wish I lived closer to academia. Time to look into interlibrary loan.


That's actually from a seminar held in Alaska about two months ago. Here's a link:


All the conference papers and readings are accessible through there.

Will Baird

spasebo bolshoi, Carlos.

The, uh, Europeanists are very hard to take seriously. No, that's not right. It's hard to read what they say without either giggling or shaking my head in disgust with saltings of eye rolling.

Ukrainian and Russian history suffers from this big time. Even mentioning the Riuirikids (sp) causes near fights at times with some. *sighs*

Colin Alberts

Bill Miller always cited growing up in Green Bay's small Jewish community in his lectures, but the student body dynamics of the public high school he attended there he made clear was absolutely the most significant factor in what he made his life's work: first Icelandic bloodfeuds, then the more general concepts of disgust, courage and shame.

I just wish I could have enticed him onto SHWI when David Friedman was making his appearances there a few years ago.


Thanks for the link, Carlos.

Jussi Jalonen

Friedman presented his comments on the said topic on SHWI _eight_ and _six_ years ago. Generally an amusing discussion to watch, and I'm not talking of just Friedman. Actually participating in the latter exchange turned out to be an exercise in futility, though.

But I take it that the interaction must have left a deep, deep impression on you, given that you still can't get over it? Considering that, perhaps you should really speed up your departure already.

Incidentally, I hadn't heard of the possibility of William Miller projecting his own past, personal experiences on his work. Then again, self-reflection haunts everyone.


J. J.


Colin, he missed the wave of -- well, they weren't called skinheads yet -- when the militias moved into the area. They kept their hair at the time. Nothing like going to school and finding a swastika carved on your locker, and if that's all that happened to you, it was a good day.

There's still a remnant, but the state has been very good about treating them in the appropriate manner, although dragging them behind a snowmobile through a barbed wire fence is still illegal.

They once tried recruiting my cousin Aaron, which is hilarious in so many different ways. (Hey, Aaron sometimes reads this blog! Hi Aaron!) Wisconsin teaches us all different things.

Anyway. I'd think that Miller would mop the floor with Friedman, who frankly isn't very bright. I have to wonder what Milton and Rose really thought about their rumpled, dumpy, Society for Creative Anachronism jackass son. Dude couldn't even get noticed during the Freakonomics bandwagon.


JJ, you're being an idiot. Miller was one of Colin's University of Michigan professors that he and I discussed at a non-Internet party in northern Virginia a few years ago.

It's not all about you, or even the Internet, and thank God for that.

Tony Zbaraschuk

Speaking as a Seventh-day Adventist, there is a lot of truth to the idea that we're a rationalist strain of Protestantism. (This is not the full story by any means, of course, but we are often frighteningly rationalist given certain additional axioms...)

Noel Maurer

Jussi, why the rudeness? You show it a lot.

David Weman

I didn't know Carlos was quitting. Carlos is great.

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