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March 20, 2008


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I thought the fact that main room was filled with like 40 similar paintings by the same guy was annoying too.
I think a reason why there are so few survivor memoirs is 1. not in English, 2. they very rarely talked about the experiences, those who escaped usually said nothing about it except amongst friends in private, 3. I know some people who do have family memoirs about the experiences but they lie at home, sometimes untranslated, since of course the leap between having something publishable and actually publishing it are two different realms. My great-grandfather actually kept a diary of fighting with Antranik in the fall of 1915 and we have that- and even got it translated- but that's as far as it got. Also it's typical of something written in the field, lacking a lot of the fascinating details which were being experienced which are only hinted at throughout.


Yeah, the museum could definitely use work. There are by the way hundreds of recorded survivor memoirs, many from the US




Have you read Adam Bagdasarian's Forgotten Fire? (http://www.amazon.com/Forgotten-Fire-Readers-Circle-Bagdasarian/dp/0440229170) It's based on his great-uncle's experience as a young survivor of the Armenian genocide.


Very interesting take and I appreciate you writing very frankly.

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