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March 08, 2008


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Women's Day, love. Gotta buy flowers for the woman in your life. If she's conveniently close by, I mean.



Doug M.

Nich Hills

And that would explain why it was violets for sale - purple being the colour of IWD.

Noel Maurer

"Women's day?" Is there something I should do before I go home from the office? Confused.

Oh, any pix of the wall? Wouldn't mind getting a gander of that astronaut.


It's a socialist thing, Noel. All over Eastern Europe - also, the leftish parties in Germany insist on giving out red carnations to random women in the streets.

I do have a picture of the astronaut but it's buried somewhere on the backup drive. Give me a day or so...

Noel Maurer

Ah. Eastern Europe only. OK. Phew!

Looking forward to the pix.

Nich Hills

Socialist thing! Eastern Europe only?

On Thursday I bumped into a couple of colleagues, from the office choir, returning from a gig. They were wearing lurid purple tops. "International women's day?" I asked.

They confirmed, they were just returning from an official function to celebrate the day.

A quick Google shows that the federal government, the NSW and Qld state governments and even the IT industry have IWD web-pages. The federal web-site links to the celebrations in each state and territory:

Now excuse me, please. I must go and queue for potatoes. :-)

Jussi Jalonen

Wrong impression, Noel. As Nich already noted, it's not "Eastern Europe only". As the name indicates, it's the _International_ Women's Day.

Yes, it has a socialist background (an American socialist background, in fact). Yes, it's considerably more visible in the former communist countries, but it features reasonably visibly also elsewhere.

And these days, in some parts of the world, the Women's Day is, at least on surface, really no more socialist (or even feminist) than the modern Christmas is Christian. Unless one regards these Womens' Day bridal shows, wedding expos and other such clap-trap that simply reinforces the traditional feminine stereotypes as "socialist" or "feminist". [1]

(I have probably mentioned before that I have a radical feminist friend who boycotts the Women's Day precisely for this reason.)


J. J.

[1] I hate weddings. God, but I really, really hate weddings.

Noel Maurer

Ah, OK. An Eastern Hemisphere thing, then. I've never heard of it in Latin America or the Caribbean, although if it has socialist origins, then I'm sure that it's on an official calendar somewhere.

Either way, point being that Amma has never heard of it either, and thus I wasn't forgetting anything.

I now leave you to your queueing. Hasta la victoria siempre.

P.S. What's wrong with weddings?

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