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March 17, 2008


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Unlike Gingrich or Limbaugh or McCain or even that boring loud guy from MtP, if Obama rolls up on her too much, he will wind up like Emmett Till. Why he wants to govern this racist-ass country is a mystery to me.

Noel Maurer

Sir: your use of "naughty" to mean "nasty" clearly shows that you come from the nice side of the niceline.

I should also point out that the niceline has a maxima somewhere. The West Coast doesn't sink back down to Ohio levels, let alone Mississippi, but you know. So where does /that/ run?

Doug M.

As we discussed on the phone, most of Ontario and Manitoba are Nice. Quebec, not. (Quebec is a wonderful place and I like it a lot. But they're not Nice. bless them.)

I have the impression that it includes pieces of northern Illinois -- Rockford and environs, for instance -- and most of Iowa. Missouri, don't think so. The western boundaries are really unclear to me; are the Dakotas Nice? Montana?

Edwards: I've known some tort lawyers. Most of them do indignation very well. This is not the same thing as actually being indignant, which in turn is not the same thing as being populist.

R-L: why doesn't the energy in the magnetic field release right away?

Doug M.

Doug M.

Oh, and: I know that comic. What does that say?

Doug M.

Noel Maurer

Montana is not nice. Well, unless it is. The cop, he let us off with a warning.

As for knowing that comic, obviously knowing any comic other than the ones that I know brands you as a hopeless pathetic nerd. The ones that I know, on the other hand, brand you as one of teh cool, teh cognoscenti, perhaps even teh Man.

Or maybe the other way around. I forget.


Niceness: the maximum is in Middleton, Wisconsin, in Russ Feingold's garage, where the still-beating heart of Robert La Follette is hidden in a coffee can under the snowmobile. Tommy Thompson thinks it's a watch.

Induction: the short answer is, conservation of energy. Voltage in induction is proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux. You would create energy in the system if the magnetic field fell too fast. (That rate of change term, incidentally, is why the curve looks like a radioactive decay curve.)

Knowing the comic: it's neither nerd nor hip but METAL. Revolutionary Comics put out a line, Rock 'N' Roll Comix, starting in 1989. The Guns 'N' Roses issue was #1. Their distributors often got hit with lawsuits by the groups in question, so the company had to market them through guitar stores and head shops instead of the usual Cat Piss Man route.

(The original dialog was "too much for the Gunners", "will you stop being drunk", and "stop pushing me, man". I'm pretty sure Doug saw the comic in my apartment.)

Clinton: oh I don't know about that. If she can't take the heat from Cliff freakin' Huxtable, why is she still in the race? I'd think McCain would go after her with something a little worse than a homily and a pudding pop.

Obama: because he can. The best part is, he's making them *like* it. I understand this _completely_.

The New York City Math Teacher

What a magnificent speech!


Wayne County, Indiana is Nice. Henry County, directly west of it, is less so (lots of Kentuckian immigration in the early 20th.)

If I understand what you mean by Nice.

Bloomington is Nice (at least, east of College; to the west of 37, not so much). Martinsville, its evil twin to the north and where the Klan used to have a headquarters, is not.

This is fun when you know the place in question!


so I got a hand in my pocket today telling me he came right to my door and finally talked about race and o, I wish he would work her over with a pudding pop, because a. lame and b. uh, his oratory skills are in the shitter. I have never heard him, only read him, and will never incline myself again. ow, my ears.

Noel Maurer

That bad? Why?

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