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March 24, 2008


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Quiet, thank you. Church (Canadian Anglican) this morning (younger son actually sat with me through the service, elder son taught Sunday School). Then the 3 remaining grandparents (ie my parents and my mother-in-law) joined us for Easter dinner (ham). Started and almost completed a fun jigsaw puzzle (500 piece). Will probably have it done by bedtime, which will be soon. BTW, we still have a fair bit of snow, at least 6", up to a foot in some places (just west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

Nich Hills

Good. Church (Anglican Church of Australia) in the morning. Thought I was going to sit next to my daughter for the entire service - no service leading, intercessions or lay reading - but because of the crowds I was called up by Guerin, our fighting young priest, to take the intinction cup. Sunday night dinner was a vegetarian feast for a group of Hindu, Jewish and atheist friends.

Andrew R.

Easter was nice. It also consisted of Church (Anglican), followed by going to get together with friends for much delicious food, wine, etc. for the afternoon. I rounded it out by going to evensong.

Andrew R.

Easter was nice. It also consisted of Church (Anglican), followed by going to get together with friends for much delicious food, wine, etc. for the afternoon. I rounded it out by going to evensong.

Will Baird

No Church here. Avrora got some plastic eggs filled with playdoh. We decided that we have too many sweets in the flat at this point alreadya nd we're working to get them out the door except for holidays. We need a sugar detox big time.

We went over to a friend's for a BBQ. Russians. I played with the kids, mostly. The husband is a different. Jewish and identifies as Hispanic since his family lived in Mexico until a generation ago. His wife is Russian and her parents are visiting. Poor guy. When we go to these parties, Lyuda and Avrora have a blast: it's nearly all Russian all the time. I typically end up minding the kids...and Mike, well, Mike had to be going nuts. he speaks fluent Spanish and English, but like me maleenki Russian. So, he got bored and wandered off despite his wife, the hostess, trying really hard to incorporate everyone into a multilingual conversation. Invariably these attempts break down because there's always more Russian speakers at these parties than any others.

I got roped in on discussing the Presidential election[1], my opinions on a couple of local universities[2], and computer selection[3].

In general it was fun. Esp since I got time to play with the kids (a favorite activity that I don't get enough of these days) and it is good to have the ego fluffed a bit: the Russian wives get jealous when Lyuda describes our family life and ask to borrow me for a few weeks. I don't do anything that the rest of the married HDTD husbands do, but apparently its more than most Russians or married-to-Russians do.

Anyways, a good Easter. Didn't get to cook the lamb leg that I had waiting at home. We got back at 9 PM.

1. oy. Like always, it invariably breaks down into one of the die hard old school Russians stating that elections are irrelevant - because the average person will ALWAYS suffer - and someday the naive Americans will realize this. I laughed this time and said that the speaker obviously didn't understand: we're electing a leader, not a Messiah. This got a lot of approval from the bilinguals, but death glares from the monolingual (russian), die hard Communists.

2. Why in the bloody blazes I get asked this, IDK. I am not an expert on law schools. For all that's good and holy I don't even HAVE a degree! Just because I am a UC employee doesn't mean I can speak to the quality of any degree program. oy.

3. The PC in HPC does not stand for 'Personal Computer', folks. I have my opinions, but increasingly I haven't been paying much attention to the lower end of the market for generalized computers. Embedded, yes, recently, but that's de nada to do with your new PC purchase.

Jussi Jalonen

Boring. I spent the holidays proof-reading and checking the final, illustrated layout of the biography that I wrote some time ago, and which is supposed to be published in Midsummer.

The same old biography that I mentioned before. The Story of a J├Ąger Colonel and a Knight of the Mannerheim Cross who had a violent case of PTSD. I sent the comments and corrections to the publishing house by e-mail just a minute ago.

Next week, off to Ireland! With our Big Band! Look out for a tall, blonde, drunk Finnish-speaking tenor saxophonist roaming the streets of Dublin and Cork!


J. J.

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