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March 24, 2008


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Noel Maurer

Dude. /That's/ a post. Needs a category, please; this stuff has to be in one place to send people to.


You know, before I figured out what Salisbury was talking about, seeing a reference to a "Dresden doll" really threw me.


Eddy and Tamara are my grandparents and you do not know what you are talking about...


I'm interested in finding out more about this post and thought it was good until I read Tara's post on Sep 12, 2010. Eddy Gilmore and my father were friends; I am from Selma. I'd like to know more about the "real Eddie Gilmore" and would like to be in touch with Tara if she's interested.


I worked as a messenger boy in the AP London Office from 1957-1960 Eddy Gilmore was admired by us young messengers. Eddy used to smoke enourmous cigars and some of us boys used to wait until he had finished smoking, and collect his half smoked cigar, and have the rest of it ourselves. At that time there was only one place in the whole of London to get a burger. Eddy used to send us there by taxi to collect two burgers. An extravagence which was not normal in London in the 1950's. He has always been in my head, and it was only recently I decided to find out more about him. I have just read his book, and will not try and get the film. He really made his mark on me when I was a young boy.

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