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February 06, 2008


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The New York City Math Teacher


Apropos, there's something I downloaded years ago about rigging up an IV from a coke bottle, duct tape, rubber tubing, and a turkey injector. (misc.survivalism ca. 1996). Score salt substitute and glucose tablets at the ruined, gutted drugstore. The turkey injector probably needs to go in the subclavian, femoral, or jugular, a la Seldinger technique. The gauge is a bit thick.

As I thought at the time: think of the air embolus as a little bubble of deliverance.

Feel better.

Noel Maurer

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

You still have that picture of me after I came back from Christiana? That might begin to capture how you're feeling, although I kinda doubt it.

I am very impressed that you even tried to go to the gym.


NYCMT, if you can get cholera from coffee and a corn muffin, then New York City is in some deep deep trouble.

Noel, I felt great after I got back. I had a good workout, not quite 100%, but that I expected. It was running errands after that I started to feel like the one hoss shay. Sweating bullets and major aches by the time I got back to the stoop. Ugh.

I suspect my immune system said, right, you're back home, you're not drinking NOLA tap water and eating boudin and crawfish left in the sun any longer, you don't need me any more. Good luck with that!

Probably the creepy Boomer former Biden supporter in the gym breathed on me or something. Or the plane; I often catch bugs on planes. (Other possibility: happiness withdrawal. not going to think about that.)

But. Like Ezra Pound once said about Virginia ham, the roadside daiquiri stand _is_ civilization. Jesus, I have twenty pounds of beads. I got hit by _bags_.

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