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February 19, 2008


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"The beautiful thing about Wisconsin primaries is that everyone is on the same ballot."

Thus, as one could guess, giving rise to a grassroots Republicans for Hillary movement. E.g.,



Looking at that site -- through the Google site:URL cache, because FR is a cesspool of bigots I would prefer not to link directly to -- it looks like the wingnuts much prefer the idea of a Clinton defeat now, and take their chances with Obama later.

(E.g., he's really a Muslim, and other minorities hate blacks, really! At best he'll be like Carter. Et cetera. Or... maybe he's the one? And yup, there was the guy deciding, seriously, between Huckabee and Obama.)

Clinton will likely pull in substantial conservative votes in some areas, the voters (rightly, IMO) seeing her as the more *behaviorally* conservative Democrat, regardless of her stated policy positions. It would be a stereotype to say these people wear hats while they drive. I mean, they're not stick-in-the-muds; they've tried salsa with their chips.

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