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February 20, 2008


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Tons of people registering at my polling place (in Wisconsin, you can register at the polls). I was number 1114 at 7pm. That's very high for my polling place. On the way out, I heard someone saying they "voted for audacity". I like that.

As far as older mothers go, all the ones I know are voting Obama. Including my own. Of course, I live somewhere that went 8 out of 10 for Kerry/Edwards (9 out of 10 in my precinct).


I'm not sure how my mom would vote -- a little moot, since her religion discourages it and she's outside the country anyway. (Cruise!) She likes Libby Dole, and she likes Tipper Gore, so I suspect voting for the first woman president would appeal to her.

My dad, I think the last election which made sense to him was Magsaysay's. He voted for Anderson in 1980.


Hm, that was quick. But really, not a surprise; Clinton is no Eli Manning.

Now let's see if the Big O can beat the spread.


Obama +17.6%. Clinton got smoked in the old industrial towns, the only exceptions being Kenosha County on the Illinois border and W/h/i/t/e/f/l/i/g/h/t/ Waukesha County near Milwaukee, which she only lost.

No one minded when McCarthy would run up the score.

Spike Gomes

Can't beat the insanity that happened here. Last caucus, 25 people showed up at my district's gathering point. Last night almost 1,000 people did. They had to use slips of scrap paper after they ran out of ballots.

It's a combination of Hawaii actually being able to vote while the race still mattered and Obama having strong Hawaii connections. Hillary didn't stand a chance.

James Bodi

I don't usually pay much attention to US primaries because I don't understand the system and because the interesting candidates usually fall by the wayside but this year does seem different.

Do you think the current enthusiasm will translate into higher voting turnout among the young for the actual election? That would be good for America, I think.

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