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February 18, 2008


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Thought the list was interesting. So I posted some comments about it on my LJ. http://xinef.livejournal.com/202793.html

Jussi Jalonen

Of course, after a couple of brief visits to this country, everyone can authoritatively define who are "normal Finns". Just as I'm capable of defining who are "normal Americans", based on the survey of this weblog.

In truth, Finnish science fiction fans tend to be snobbish, boring, dogmatic in their worldviews, full of themselves and pretty much lacking in any sense of style.

In other words, they're not much different from the younger members of the Finnish academic community, which isn't really a surprise. Both have their own closed communities, ivory towers and inbred sub-cultures.

Obviously, it also makes perfect sense that for an American author such as Sterling, this would translate as "artsy and elegant".

I take it that in the quote, the term "fan" is used in reference to actual devotees. People can read science fiction without being actual "fans" of the genre, even in this country. There are probably some differences which may lend some credibility to Sterling's overview; how many American "science fiction fans" like to watch Tarkovski, for example?

... and in two days, I'm still giving a public presentation of three counterfactual Napoleonic scenarios at an international conference of historians, with over a hundred participants and a reception at the House of the Estates. Not that I'm snobbish myself, but I have a feeling that this will satisfy me better than a Science Fiction Convention.


J. J.


The game show tapes thing -- are we talking about the classic 1970s game shows? Paul Lynde in the center square, Chuck Barris in between spy missions on the Gong Show, Charles Nelson Reilly sniping with Brett Somers? I'd buy a DVD of those.

Also, the legendary episode of Wheel of Fortune, where the category was Title, and the board like so: *** ****** ** **. A contestant looked at it, spun the wheel onto a high dollar value, and chose the letter Z. It was "The Wizard of Oz". Intelligence is a wonderful thing.

But I also want the not yet released Cop Rock boxed set, and the Love Boat episode with Tony Danza playing a Japanese man, so.

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