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January 25, 2008


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We got the Firefly DVD set after watching Serenity. Love the show, wish we'd known about it when it was on live.

Dennis Brennan

I got my Firefly DVD set after the show was cancelled but before I saw Serenity.

Sure, the show wasn't perfect--in particular, I thought the acting was really uneven (but Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk are fun to watch no matter what they're doing). But it had its charms and I even got my wife (who is not a geek despite my best efforts) to watch.

I'm sure you're aware, Doug, of how exactly this show died so soon-- To begin with, there's a limited constituency for Wild West-themed shows, even if they're Wild West in space and even if they're created by Joss Whedon. But beyond that, the Fox network insisted on airing the series out of the internal chronological order, so even the people who wanted to follow it were confused. More--much, much, much more-- can be found on various places in the series of tubes about how Firefly died.


Before there was the Nicoll Event, there was the David Banner Event. Honestly, how he survived long enough to get to the point of turning himself into the Hulk is a puzzler.


Like Julian Barnes snarked about Virginia Woolf, I'm saving Firefly for when I'm dead. There are dozens of shows I've missed all or nearly all their run -- The Wire, The Sopranos, Deadwood, Cop Rock -- before I get to undiluted Whedon in spaaaace.

Yeah, I know this kills my geek cred. But it sounds so rancid.


I find it amusing and clever. Has been a while since I laughed out loud during a show. I'm very bummed they went out - so many secrets still to reveal!

Yes, it's uneven. Some episodes are better than others. But they are all good, at least. And to me, Western in space has a lot of appeal and it makes me happy.

Doug M.

The funny thing is, it wasn't always Wild West in space. Of 14 episodes, 5 or 6 fit that description, and another 3 or 4 have western-y elements. But about a third of the eps have not a whiff of Bat Durston whatsoever.

...as I think about it, that group includes a couple of my favorites: "Ariel" (which is a classic heist-gone-wrong) and "Out of Gas" (survival when life support crashes, plus flashbacks). Other hand, it also includes my least favorite (the old Army buddy who's now a courier for designer organs). But I hesitate to draw conclusions from such a small sample.

"Rancid", hum.

Doug M.

Dennis Brennan

Carlos-- I can't believe you missed Deadwood. Seems like it would be your thing.


Hulk out!! Great find! Which dates me, I guess. I'm pretty sure I remember a couple of those episodes. It's actually kind of frightening how much I *don't* remember, given how avidly I watched that show.

Also: Carlos is a big dope. 'Cause Firefly is really good. Not having cable, I didn't see it until the movie came out on DVD -- then I BitTorrented the TV show and watched'em all in about a day and a half. (In order.) I loved it. A lot. And interestingly, the fanfic inspired by Firefly seems to be considerably better than most varieties of fanfic. I call that good characterization and worldbuilding.

The New York City High School Math Teacher

I'm not commenting on television sf dramatic series, having not seen any since hm B5 in the late '90s. So little time.

On a totally different note:
Michael - have you ever eaten at Mark's in the Hotel Melia?

The Mrs. and I were there at the New Year, and we had the ice cream on the plaza. What's with Ponce city center?

Robert P.

I liked Firefly/Serenity, but I got sort of creeped out by the "lost cause" mythos behind the story line - especially after watching the special feature in which Whedon made it explicit. I'd feel a little better if he'd modelled his rebels on Jacobites or White Russians or the Vendee - something a little more removed from my own country's history. As it is, the Serenity crew is a little bit too close to the James/Younger gang for comfort. (Disclosure: for two years I shared an office with a lineal descendant of Frank James.)


Not only have we eaten there, our kids spend a lot of time together -- Mark and Melody have a son and a daughter just about the same ages as our son and daughter and they go to the same school.

But we've only eaten there once, because it ain't cheap, and we're stingy like that (I'm from rural Indiana, and my wife is from Budapest -- anything over about fifty cents offends her sensibilities). It was my birthday, and Mark had Wienerschnitzel on the menu. And Melody gave me a great fruit tort because it was my birthday.

Ponce city center is ... archaeological in nature. There used to be money here, but that was a very long time ago indeed. So what you see is just the decaying remnant. After a while you get used to it.

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