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January 02, 2008


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The New York City Math Teacher

Not flash paper. Consider the Reagan War Memorial, at Masurian Lakes off the Beltway. Or the hoard of Reagan tchachkes currently for sale on QVC.

More like suppurating creosoted railroad ties.

Cripes it is hard to type one-handed.


NYCMT, a war memorial no one has heard of and a product line on QVC are exactly the things one would expect from the near-total evaporation of reputation. Grover Norquist had a plan to brand the man's name permanently on the forehead of America, the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, much as the Soviet Union had Stalingrad, Stalinabad, Stalino, et cetera. (Was there ever a Stalinakert?) It's pretty much dead.

It is fascinating to watch the American memory hole in operation.

Incidentally, the QVC distribution centers outside of their HQ area are located across the American South. Think of it as the secular, cable version of a 'Christian' gift shop.

Sorry you can't move your arm -- when will the cast come off? (And have you ever seen a court stenographer's keyboard? weird. But they're two-handed.)

Bernard Guerrero

"2008 smells like recession, and Manhattan smells like unoccupied condos. Sadly, I don't know of any way to make money from this guess."

You jest, sir! If you really believe it, the possibilities are endless. Short the big financials, short listed holders of Manhattan realestate, buy bear funds, buy bonds, gather cash to snag the condos cheap in a year. And that's just the plain-vanilla shit. But you know this; why the depressive air?

Me, I'm gonna miss '07 like crazy. I can only hope '08 turns out as well.

Andrew R.

Well, in the best of all possible worlds, I'll hit the academic job market just as the recession is hitting, but when universities are still operating on their budget from the FY before the recession. Then, ideally, after getting a job, the wife and I will be able to find some sort of a house as the market bottoms out.

Or then, I may wind up stuck in adjunct hell or worse, hitting the job market as even community colleges are instituting hiring freezes.

Still, I've got high hopes for 2008 and 2009!

Dennis Brennan

...and the QVC mothership is... in my neck of the woods, about 13 miles from my house. I've taken the tour (for much the same reason that I took the Graceland tour).

The Franklin Mint is about halfway between here and there.


This is somewhat off topic, but the mention of smart small group competition plus the readership of this blog makes me think of SHWI, which seems to be almost completely dead now. I lurked there for many years, and really enjoyed the place, and I'm sure that many of you did too. Which makes me wonder - and I've e-mailed Carlos about this before - if anyone here has any idea how we might go about finding an alternative/replacement?


Yes, such city was. My father served in this town - Stalinakert

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