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January 06, 2008


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This overlooks the times that the running back finds a seam, breaks free and goes the 60 yards for the touchdown.

It is so nice to have Ricky Williams, Cedric Benson and now Jamaal Charles at Texas. Shame Jamaal has put aside his record setting Track & Field sideline.


What do peple here think of Henry Farrells post over at Crooked Timber on Huckabees chance to win the Republican nomination? It seemed plausible enough to me.


Aargh. That should be "What do people here think of Henry Farrell's post at Crooked Timber on Huckabee's chance to win the nomination." No idea what happened there.


I don't think Huckabee has the political capital within the Party to mount a successful insurgent campaign for the nomination. There hasn't been a brokered Republican convention since 1976, and I suspect procedural roadblocks would be in place before it came to that.

Granted, this election does have the best chance for a brokered convention in a long time. But that's a low bar.

Will Baird

n this election cycle, they've learned that the other members of the Republican coalition actually despise them.



Huckabee might take the south, but that's it, imo. I don't think he stands a chance elsewhere. Though he was surging in Cali. argh.

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